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Amaari Foundation

From Natural Birth to Dignified Death

The Amaari foundation funds and supports projects of individuals and institutions that are involved with work around the subjects of natural birth and/or dignified, natural death.

The funding is intended specifically for projects in the areas of maternal and child health, pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium and the delicate time afterwards, as well as the areas of spiritual end-of-life care, palliative and hospice care.

The foundation may also support projects, which address the topics of natural birth and/or dignified, natural death in a scientific or societal context.

The foundation operates in Switzerland as well as internationally.


Contact us

The foundation welcomes applications to the email address below
but will also take initiative itself. Please refrain from sending paper copies and keep your applications brief.
An outline of your project together with a budget plan will suffice. When required we will ask for further documents. We will endeavour to reply to applications promptly but will not send an acknowledgement of receipt. Refusals will not be expanded upon.

Request will not will not be processed before September 2023.

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